Quality Engineering

DevOps (CI/CD) Testing

Continuous testing is an integral part of the DevTestOps journey

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face today is the inability to meet client expectations and demands. With customer experience requirements at their peak, organizations need to innovate continuously while focusing on providing the best possible quality at high speed, thus enhancing customer experience.

Every organization wants to achieve speed without compromising on quality. However, they still need to understand how to continuously analyze unpredictable situations. These unpredictable situations include challenges pertaining to people skills, tool integrations, metrics capture & analysis – overall, lacking the ability to evolve. Once they can run business as usual even in unpredictable times, they will also be able to achieve quality at speed.

At Ikonic IT, we help you understand that the first step in DevOps is not towards attaining end-to-end automation, but to understand your people, processes, teams, and tools. We help organizations continuously monitor the seamless functioning of their DevTestOps teams and make upgrades and adjustments to their quality engineering tools and stacks. It is with the evolution of these enablers that they are successful in their digital initiatives.

Continuous testing leads to a better understanding of risks to quality

Our engineering services & automation capabilities hook into your dev environment to help perform in-depth checks for product sanity, while our continuous testing services help you achieve scale. We help you:

  • Implement a flexible change management to perform continuous quality checks on the overall delivery of products
  • Make progressive builds to check quality faster, leading to accelerated product development & future readiness.
  • Understand how Quality can be checked & improved continuously, and how can you shift-left the continuous integration (CI) processes.
  • Shift Quality left by fixing a significant portion of defects earlier, thereby making your product release faster and better.
  • With end-to-end User acceptance, Performance, Security, and multi-persona testing.