Integration Testing

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Why Integration Test?

We feel that Integration testing is complex and requires some development and logical skill. That’s true! Then what is the purpose of integrating this testing into our testing strategy?

Here are some reasons:

  1. In the real world, when applications are developed, it is broken down into smaller modules and individual developers are assigned 1 module. The logic implemented by one developer is quite different than another developer, so it becomes important to check whether the logic implemented by a developer is as per the expectations and rendering the correct value in accordance with the prescribed standards.
  2. Many a time the face or the structure of data changes when it travels from one module to another. Some values are appended or removed, which causes issues in the later modules.
  3. Modules also interact with some third-party tools or APIs which also need to be tested that the data accepted by that API / tool is correct and that the response generated is also as expected.
  4. A very common problem in testing – Frequent requirement change! 🙂 Many a time developer deploys the changes without unit testing it. Integration testing becomes important at that time.